Director Charlie Janney and the Students
Director Charlie Janney – Rossanna Canales – and Students – October 2010


Posibilidad developed organically.  In 2006 the Director met two eleven year old girls (Judeymi and Daniela) and found them to be worthy of support.  Our sponsorship project gradually grew.  In 2012 a Nicaraguan facilitator and translator was hired.


Board of Directors:


Director:  Charlie Janney provided emergency care for 28 years as a nurse and nurse practitioner.  He is a social worker and child and family therapist. Through Boulder Friends Meeting, he participated in a program of cultural assistance on Pine Ridge Lakota Reservation. His research interests include the psycho-spiritual determinants of political and economic behavior.


PresidentLindgren-e13509160Secretary: Dan Lindgren is a 20 year resident of St. Louis Park, Minnesota. He has three daughters, two of whom are still in school. Dan studied economics at St. Cloud State University. For the past 27 years he has worked in the mortgage industry – and is Past President of the Minnesota Mortgage Association. Dan is a golf enthusiast who enjoys softball and volleyball in his spare time. Dan provides financial and operational advice to our NGO.
Treasurer:  Through her organization – Growing World Wellness – Lori Lindgren helps to strengthen girls and their communities thereby reducing vulnerability to trafficking. To achieve her goals, Lori provides Yoga classes and wellness training for – urban people at risk – and in corporate settings. She offers self care classes and retreats for health care providers and for staff members of anti-trafficking organizations. Lori’s work and study in Oakland, Minneapolis, Cambodia, Nicaragua and Cuba has honed her skill in responding to psychic trauma and in applying the principles of Permaculture.
Nicaraguan Staff:  Hi – I’m Lydia and I like my job. I’ve had eight years working as translator, guide and business manager. I’m also a masseuse. My beginnings were very nice, though a little bit difficult, because my family is poor.When I was 14 years old I was studying in secondary school and working with my Mom – selling tacos on the sidewalk – while saving money for my university studies. At the suggestion of Meg Boren, I became a translator. Meg’s NGO, Circle Environment, is located in Illo Aponsentillo, Nicaragua. Her service brigades consist of doctors and nurses whose help for poor communities inspires young Nicaraguans to study nursing and medicine. I’ve worked for Amigos for Christ, for the Canadian Lutheran Church and for a Norwegian seafood company – as translator and administrator. But now, I am enjoying working with teen and young adult girls who are hungry for the opportunity to study for careers that they will like – and that will allow them to help their families and communities. My hope is that this organization succeeds in making positive changes for our girls. I hope they will become good citizens and role models. Personally, I hope to return to university. Lidia is assisted in her duties by her good friend Hilda Mary Pereira, who is also our staff attorney.


Nicaraguan Consultant:  Rossanna Canales has assisted with Posibilidad since 2006. Until 2012, she provided translation services and facilitated all aspects of our operation. Rossanna is a gifted musician and two of her songs may be heard on the Nicaraguan Music page.