Why Posibilidad Exists:  When the current director met our first two sponsored students in 2006 – what impressed him most was their sincerity.  Our students and families have always been appreciative of the assistance that we have provided.  Our students have demonstrated strong commitment to their academic work – despite many distractions.   It’s inspiring to be with these young women – as their energy is infectious.

Posibilidad hopes visitors to this website will consider donating.  We realize there are many worthy philanthropic options, so support for our program will be greatly appreciated.


Donations will be accepted via PayPal.

We encourage sponsorship of individual students.

We also encourage General Fund donations.

Serial Donations will be acknowledged via e-mail.

Donors may support a Specific Service (see below).

General Fund:

Donations to this fund will be used

by Posibilidad as our needs dictate.


Secondary School students receive $50 monthly basic stipend.

College students receive funds as required by their program.

We strongly encourage individual sponsorships.

School Supplies:
Secondary students require uniforms, school supplies and matriculation fees every year.

Graduating students are given support for caps, gowns and other expenses.

Dental Care:
Students receive dental care as needed. Dental visits average $25 each.

OB/Gyn Care:
Students are provided with the 3 dose Cervarix HPV vaccination series, annual Pap smear and OB/Gyn care, plus episodic care. Donors who wish to support these services should contact the director via e-mail.

Individual students are periodically supported for additional activities, for example theater experiences, dance lessons and other enrichment programs. Donors wishing to support these activities should contact the director via e-mail.

Emergency Fund:
Ana Bessi required Thyroid Cyst surgery (2012) and ORIF Knee surgery (2017) – plus appropriate therapy and follow up post operatively.  Students have required episodic and on going health care. Student families have required legal assistance. Emergency fund donations help cover such unexpected expenditures. Contact the director by e-mail for details.

College students are provided with laptop computers. In Nicaragua internet service is available via cellular telephone signal. Students purchase computer “WiFi minutes”. Donors may help to purchase computers or WiFi minutes. Donors who have computers to donate should contact the director via e-mail.

Group Activities:
Inspirational and recreational group trips are often provided on school breaks in January and July. These trips involve explorations via microbus. These vehicles can carry 16 people – so our group is a bit crowded on these trips. We expose our students to progressive Nicaraguan groups and organizations (social and environmental) whenever possible. We provide physical adventure and self esteem boosting activities on these trips. We’ve explored Volcan Mombacho Cloud Forest, Volcan Masaya volcanic vents and lava tube bat caves, climbed Volcan Cosiguina, kayaked among Las Isletas de Cocibolca (Lago de Nicaragua), and hiked and floated through Somoto Canyon. We’ve also visited Granada, Matagalpa, Esteli, San Juan del Sur and Ometepe Island. Rental for Microbus is $70/day plus room and meals for the driver. Hotel is usually $15-$25 per night per person including breakfast. Our activities are usually affordable, but with 15-16 people it adds up quickly. We often frequent a local Buffet, and our group can eat well there (including leftovers) for 1000 Cordobas ($38). You may opt to support any aspect of our group activities. Please contact the director vie e-mail for details.

To Donate For Any

Of These Purposes: