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Posibilidad Student Profiles

Profiles of the Posibilidad students read very well. The reader might think that these young people have it made. However, their life prospects should be seen in the appropriate context.

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Not long ago many of our student families were surviving by scavenging on a dump. Because of the social and economic challenges faced by our students and their families, Posibilidad intervenes comprehensively.
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Student Profiles

(in chronological order – based on when sponsorship began).


Born in 1995, this young woman inspired the creation of Posibilidad.
She became pregnant during her final year of Secondary School – and she required Cesarian Section due to pregnancy complications. Judeymi has done a good job as mother for her son Christopher – who’s now a toddler. However, Christopher suffered full thickness burns to his left foot in a trash fire in 2015. Fortunately – there is an excellent burn care center in Managua – APROQUEN. APROQUEN was created by Vivian Pellas – who suffered burns in an airplane crash in 1989. They have provided very professional care for Christopher’s infected burns. Judeymi completed Secondary School – and she has begun Nursing School at UNAN – Somotillo.


Born in 1994, this dynamic, creative young woman has been a sponsorship recipient since entering Secondary School. Along with Judeymi – Daniela inspired the creation of Posibilidad. She has finished a three year course of teacher’s training and is now studying Spanish Language and Literature at the national university (UNAN). Daniela is a talented actress – having participated in several theater productions in Secondary School – and with a professional theater company in Managua. She is now performing with Teatro Catalina.


Born in 1994, this vivacious and talented young woman has completed one year of Pharmacy training at a private university. Then she qualified to study Veterinary Medicine at the national university (UNAN) and has just finished her second year of study there. Joseling is a talented actress and has matured nicely. She was recently engaged to be married.


Born in 1993, Luisa is a mature and self possessed young woman. She’s finished her third year of Pharmacy training at a private university. Luisa was a bit shy, but she’s become a confident, strong presence within our sponsorship group. Her brother is studying Physical Education @ UNAN. Posibilidad provides for his transportation.

Ana Bessi:

Born in 1992, this enthusiastic and outgoing young woman completed two years of Pharmacy training at private university. She then qualified to study at the national university (UNAN) and has finished her third year, majoring in Analytic Chemistry. The youngest of seven children, Ana Bessi advocated for the daughter of a family friend who needed sponsorship. Posibilidad group members now chip in every month to sponsor this lovely Secondary School student.


Born in 1991, this sincere young woman has completed Law School and her Legal Practicum (equivalent to the Bar exam). Now she is awaiting final confirmation of her Legal and Notary licenses. It’s difficult to break into the legal profession in Nicaragua, so we’ve arranged for her to gain practical experience, and make professional connections, by doing volunteer work for a progressive and experienced local lawyer. Fatima still works long hours in her Mother’s shop. Her sister is Jorlenys.


Born in 1993, this quiet young woman has completed her fourth year of Pharmacy training at private university. In December 2014 she gave birth to a son – Larry. Her pharmacy training requires only one classroom day per week – plus practice hours at a local pharmacy. Most of her school work is done on-line and in small student groups. This allows her adequate time with her young son. Her sister is Fatima.


Born in 1997, this young woman is dynamic and athletic. She has talent as an actress, having participated in Secondary School theater productions. Jareli graduated from a demanding Secondary Academy – married and gave birth to Sasha in June 2015. Posibilidad helped her husband Saul, when he suffered toxic pesticide exposure at work. Our attorney assisted with the legal process required for him to exit his employment contract. Jareli has begun English language study at UNAN – Somotillo. Her sister is Oscarina.


Born in 1993, this young woman is very mature and capable. She has been working at a major Nicaraguan bank for several years and is now a lead teller. She is also studying Accounting at a private university on weekends. She carries herself with grace and is a gifted natural leader. She can succeed in any endeavor that she may entertain. Her sister is Rossmery.


Born in 1998, Rossmery has completed her fourth year at Mercantile Academy. This program is very demanding and she is doing well. Both she and her sister Milagros are very engaging and they each have excellent interpersonal skills. Rossmery has taken supplemental English classes and her skill is impressive. Rossmery can succeed in any field that she might choose.


Born in 1999, this petite and energetic young woman is doing very well in her academic work. Oscarina attends the same rigorous academy as did her sister, Jareli. She is bright and very sincere. Oscarina can achieve success in whichever field that she might choose – though she hasn’t yet chosen a career.


Born in 2001, this dynamic young woman is athletic and engaging, and she loves basketball and dancing. Her mother is Hilda – the Posibilidad attorney. Deysi is doing very well at a demanding private academy – along with Rossmery. With her athleticism, intelligence and infectious enthusiasm – she has very bright prospects.


Born in 2000, Martita is one of five children – and her Mother is good friends with Ana Bessi’s Mom. Several years ago Ana Bessi spoke eloquently about Martita’s need for school support. Our group voted to support Martita – via small deductions in each girl’s monthly stipend. Martita is a lovely, shy girl with a sweet smile and good academic skills.